Discover Mijas: The Eden of Golf on the Costa del Sol

A Must-See Destination for Golf Enthusiasts

For golf enthusiasts, Mijas is a jewel in the crown of the Costa del Sol. This sunny corner is famous for its exceptional courses, dreamlike scenery and a friendly climate that invites you to play all year round. Here, golf is not just a sport, it is an immersive experience.

World Class Courses in Mijas

Mijas is home to gems such as Mijas Golf International, a complex with two 18-hole courses that challenge and delight players of all levels. Imagine perfecting your swing surrounded by panoramic views and manicured lawns. Here, every round is an unforgettable adventure.

More than Golf: A Complete Experience

Mijas understands that golf is more than just a game. That's why it offers everything from lessons for beginners to advanced programmes for the more experienced. In addition, the local golfing community is a place to make connections and share passions. But the offer goes beyond the green.

Live Mijas to the fullest

After a day of golf, Mijas invites you to immerse yourself in its lifestyle. From dreamy accommodation to seafront gourmet dining, relaxing spas and vibrant nights out, the town has it all. Explore the charm of the old town or delight your palate with the best paella, Mijas is waiting for you.

Plan Your Mijas Golf Adventure

Ready to explore Mijas? The town offers all-inclusive holiday packages and bookings at top courses, ensuring an unrivalled experience. Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this golfing paradise.

In a nutshell

Mijas is not only an ideal destination for its renowned golf courses, but also for its complete range of leisure and relaxation options. With options for everyone from the novice to the experienced player, complemented by luxurious accommodation and exceptional gastronomy, Mijas promises an unforgettable getaway. Don't wait any longer to discover the charm and excitement of playing golf in this idyllic corner of the Costa del Sol - your next adventure awaits you in Mijas!

Let's talk

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